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Things to see and things to do.

Blandford Attractions

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Royal Signals Museum

RSA Reunion (19a).jpg

Blandford Town Museum

bfd mus.jpg

Blandford Fashion Museum


Hall and Woodhouse Brewery Centre


Blandford Walks

Explore the beauty of the River Stour and if you are lucky you may even spot the otter.

The river side, through Marsh and Ham Car Park ( see Map in Contact Us ) is a beautiful and relaxing place to walk or have a picnic.

Gentle Strolls

Adventurous Walks

Louis's Walks and Strolls are published as indvidual leaflets available at the Blandford Information Centre.  See below for larged versions of the routes.


The handy pocket sized leaflets give clear details and instructions of the routes.

Gentle Strolls

Stroll 1

Stroll 2

Stroll 3

Stroll 4

Adventurous Walks

Walk 1

Walk 2

Walk 3

Walk 4

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