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The TIC is now open from 10:00 - 15:00 Mon-Sat.

About Blandford

Located on the banks of the River Stour, Blandford Forum is the most complete, small Georgian town in England. 

Following an extensive fire in 1731 Blandford Forum “rose like the phoenix from its ashes, to its present beautiful and flourishing state” as the Fire Monument in the market place states. 


This unique Georgian gem with its stunning architecture, charming parish church and wonderful market place was the inspiration of local architects and builders, the Bastard Brothers.

Information about Blandford attractions, accommodation and more can be found at the Blandford Information Centre in the Riverside House in Marsh and Ham Car Park.


Blandford Forum Town Council

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Photos by Graham Rains and Adam Forty

Blandford Information Centre  Email:   Tel: 01258 454 770
 31 West St, Blandford Forum DT11 7AW, UK
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